Investor Facilitation Portal


'Investor Facilitation Portal' is a single window online platform which acts as the first point of contact for any probable investor in the State of Gujarat. It also facilitates for online filling of all required forms, online payments, downloading online certificates, licenses and a grievance redressal mechanism.
There are various advantages of filing an online application

a) All the applications across various departments are available online on Investor Facilitation Portal (
  • Pre-requisite clearances (Land allotment, NA Permission, Registration of Partnership firm and Registration of Co-operative Societies)
  • Pre-establishment approvals
  • Renewals
  • Incentives
b) An applicant can submit all documents for all required application
c) All the processes are explained in Single User Guide on the IFP home page.
d) Applicants can know the status of the application online on Investor Dashboard
An investor doesn't need to approach any department for taking any approvals. All the processes can be completed online via (single window portal) as suggested in the Single Window User Guide on home page.
Prior to availing any of the services, an investor may first register with Investor Facilitation Portal ( . An investor will get Login id and password. Further, an investor may login and apply for necessary approvals required for setting up of the business.
Investor Facilitation Portal is integrated with government department systems and online portal. An investor can check the current status of the application via Investor Facilitation Portal at the application dashboard. The user will also get an email or SMS upon any change of the status of his application.
The Investor Facilitation Portal allows users to know about the approvals required for a particular industry. Click on Know Your Approval” link on the homepage and then key in some basic questions about the unit. A list of all pre-establishment and pre-operation approvals that will be required to be obtained will be displayed to the user.
An investor can view the procedure and list of documents for related approval in One Stop Information Tab. Click on €˜List of Approvals€™ section
In 'One Stop Information' tab the information on suitable land parcels is available. The investor can find details on Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) estates, Private Industrial estates, SIRs and SEZs etc.
In 'One Stop Information' tab information on all state policies including Industrial Policy, Government Resolution of Industrial Policy, IT/ITes Policy, Cottage and Rural Policy, Tourism Policy etc. is available.
In One Stop Information€™ tab, one can find information on all relevant Government Orders and Circulars under Other initiatives taken for Ease of Doing Business.
An investor may have multiple units under single name and can apply for approvals required to operate multiple units through a single user id by registering new units under the same user id. The same PAN number should be used for the login.
The different modes of payment that are available are: Net Banking and Credit Card / Debit Card Payment.
It is mandatory that all required documents to be uploaded as mentioned in the online form of respective approval under single window system
No. Once you have registered under IFP, for each project submission you need to click on 'Add Project' tab under 'Project Details' tab. In order to skip the whole process for filling an application for existing user, an applicant needs to click 'Yes' for the question on 'Is your enterprise under operation?' under Basic Details tab. Then the applicant can directly apply for renewal related applications
Please select the 'Forgot Password' tab under the login in and follow the procedure for new password
Yes, the supporting documents can be uploaded while filling the application as and when required.
Land identification is required to proceed under IFP single window system. After getting necessary approval for land the investor can key in specific details and apply for pre establishment approvals via Common Application Form
Kindly raise a request under the Grievance Redressal Section on home page.
No. Firstly, the investor needs to obtain the possession of land. Then only the investor can apply for pre-establishment approvals under IFP.
The helpline number toll free number 1800 233 1847 is flashed on the top of the homepage of the Investor Facilitation Portal. One can get in touch for the queries from 10:30 AM to 6:00 PM.
Investment Facilitation Cell (IFC)
The grievances can be lodged once the investor registered itself in IFP.
The grievance is acknowledged online and a Ticket number is given for each grievance raised for further tracking.
It may be tracked on the IFP - Gujarat portal by clicking view status and entering the Ticket number.
No. In such situations, the citizen will have to lodge a fresh grievance drawing reference to the closed grievance, and call for details.
The grievance would be redressed within 10 working days.
Kindly click on the Link: Common GDCR Notification