Investor Facilitation Portal


'Investor Facilitation Portal' is a single window online platform which acts as the first point of contact for any probable investor in the State of Gujarat. It also facilitates for online filling of all required forms, online payments, downloading online certificates, licenses and a grievance redressal mechanism.
There are various advantages of filing an online application

a) All the applications across various departments are available online on Investor Facilitation Portal (
  • Pre-requisite clearances (Land allotment, NA Permission, Registration of Partnership firm and Registration of Co-operative Societies)
  • Pre-establishment approvals
  • Renewals
  • Incentives
b) An applicant can submit all documents for all required application
c) All the processes are explained in Single User Guide on the IFP home page.
d) Applicants can know the status of the application online on Investor Dashboard
An investor doesn't need to approach any department for taking any approvals. All the processes can be completed online via www.ifp.